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Infinity Challenge Episode 329 - TV Special Lecture - Korean History Special (Ft. K-Pop Idols) [RAW]

On Aired: May 11 2013

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Testing the how much the 7 members and idols know about history! Let us find out and teach everyone about Korean history properly! Infinity Challenge <TV Special Lecture>

# OMG~ It’s a scholarship quiz!
Whether i survive or you survive! You get eliminated if you answer correctly but survive if you get it wrong? It’s a preliminary test about South Korea through a quiz with a wide variety of difficulties. They are the modern day Joseon Era messengers; they are our country’s idols! How much do our idols know about our country? Along with several clever idols and the idols that with some strange answers and the idols with the common “Challenge Golden Bell Quiz Show” answer “Mum I’m sorry~” It really does make you say “OMG~” automatically, the OMG scholarship quiz!
# Lets delve into history~ GO! GO!
We have found out what our knowledge of Korean history was like through the preliminary test. It’s a bit embarrassing at our current state! Let us educate ourselves and teach others! The members set out themselves to teach history! Starting with experts in history and then learning techniques on how to teach. The higher ranked members from the preliminary quiz, Jun Ha and Hyung Don, will be responsible for knowledge about our cultural assets. The middle ranked members, Myung Soo and Hong Chul, will be responsible for historical events while the last placed members, Haha and Gil, will be joined by their saviour Jae Suk to find out about historical figures!

# Let us educate ourselves and teach others~! TV Special Lecture!
The 7 members and the idols have met again after their preliminary tests! The members cannot hide their nervousness at the thought of having to teach all the idols sitting in front of them. Lesson 1, Jae Suk, Gil and Haha are responsible for historical figures. Starting with the 3 Kingdoms Era to the modern era, the 3 members teach the idols about important historical figures. We thought all they were godly at was at variety shows but they are now showing off a new side to themselves. How will the idols respond?

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