Saturday, August 3, 2013

Infinity Challenge Episode 341 Summer Variety Show Camp [RAW]

On Aired: August 3 2013
Guest: Chun Myung Hoon, Lim Won Hee, Kim Min Gyo, 2PM's 2pm Jun. K, UV Muze, INFINITE's Kim Sung Kyu, John Park

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▪ Infinity Challenge <Summer Variety Show Camp> Part 1 ▪
The eventful variety show acclimatisation with the new prospects in variety shows! Infinity Challenge <Summer Variety Show Camp>

# Welcome~ This is your first time at a variety show camp right?
There is a lot of variety shows but nowhere for rookies to go? A camp dedicated to variety show’s new prospects has begun! The rising blue chip star of the variety show world, INFINITE’s leader Sungkyu! He is aiming to return as king! The central nervous system of variety shows, Chun Myung Hoon! I have come out to prove that UV is still alive, Muze! Being off the wall is his charm, the rising star of variety show, John Park! He has transcended the cable channels and has now entered into the terrestrial channels, Actor Kim Min Gyo! He is now no longer the monster-idol but now a variety show idol, 2PM’s Jun.K! The oldest of the entrants to the variety show camp, Cool Guy Lim Won Hee! 
First of all a segment for the entrants of the variety show camp, a must do have any variety show! The surprise camera! Comedian Maeng Seung Ji has disguised herself as a celebrity news program reporter and helping her out is various reporters from the various broadcasting studios. As soon as they get out of the car they are randomly pelted with a stream of absurd questions. They all stay quiet and some of them even start to get teary. What will happen during their terrifying variety show welcoming?

# You need to play hard to become an amazing variety show entertainer!
Self PR is a given in the rough and tumble world of variety shows. From the B-Boy-er to the friends for 30 years, the managers introduce their own celebrities. Close to 20 years’ experience in variety show and the legend of the variety show world, they will now be led by the legendary Ha & Soo. They need pick either Jun Ha or Myung Soo, whoever they like best, and dance with them! From the famous Chun Myung Hoon’s retro dance to Lim Won Hee’s voluptuous(?) dance. Now a corner that must be in a variety show, it’s the body gag segment! A new form of ball game where they run around wearing a bubble suit, it is Bubble Soccer!

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